Championship postponed to 2021

Championship postponed to 2021

Dear friends, dear competitors,

after careful consideration and consultation with many of you, as well as with CIMA, we have decided to postpone the WMC in Czech Republic to 2021. We believe that everyone should have an equal and fair chance of participating and enjoying a safe, well-attended and rich event. Under the current circumstances, we cannot guarantee this. Although the Czech Republic has not been hit hard by coronavirus and in many ways we are returning to normal,  certain restrictions on travel and tourism might still be in place for months to come, in different form in different countries.

That doesn’t mean you can’t come this year!

We plan to organize Open Czech national championships, and anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. If the situation will allow you to arrive to Czech Republic in August, we would be happy to welcome you. The planned date is 5. – 8. August, more info will follow soon! You can of course come a few days ahead, if you want to spend more time with us.

Please let us know at if you would consider participation to our open nationals. Stay safe and hope to see you soon

Your organizers team